Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paid Position - Student PIRGs Organizer

We’re hiring organizers who recognize we are inheriting a country that is facing some real challenges – we’re losing time to combat climate, big money and corporate contributions are corroding our democracy, and the cost of higher education continues to increase and bury graduates in debt.

When you become an Organizer with the Student PIRGs, you’ll recruit, train and organize students to tackle these problems head-on. You’ll teach them to run campaigns that make a difference in their community and our country, and help develop them into leaders who can continue to make an impact years after they graduate.

Students have been at the forefront of social change for decades. And the Student PIRGs have organized students across the country to get real results. Check out our website to read about some of our recent accomplishments.

For more information, visit http://jobs.studentPIRGs.org/

Find out more
Find out more information at jobs.studentPIRGs.org. If you have any questions you can contact Micaela Preskill, Student PIRGs Recruitment Director at (312)544-4436 ext. 304 or mpreskill@studentpirgs.org.

Click here to learn more about Organizing with the Student PIRGs after you graduate

How To Apply
Apply online at jobs.studentPIRGs.org. Our priority application deadline is March 1st

Faculty Panel on Disability Studies

You are invited to join us for a panel discussion surrounding disability studies here at the University of Maryland. This panel will showcase the diverse ways in which disability is being taught and researched across campus. 

The event will be hosted by the chair of the President's Commission on Disability Issues Dr. Stacey Marvetta Brown. Panelists include Dr. Peter Leone, Dr. Joan Kahn, Dr. Ana Palla-Kane, Dr. Ellen Fabian, and Izetta Autumn Mobley.

An ASL Interpreter will be provided

Please Register at: https://umdsurvey.umd.edu/SE/?SID=SV_dcnqhBtJl4VD2M5

2015 OMSE Excellence in Service Awards Nominations

The Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education (OMSE) invites current University of Maryland undergraduate students to submit nominations for university faculty, staff, tutors and mentors who have made outstanding contributions to the academic excellence of multi-ethnic students on campus.

Nominees will be judged on their service to and involvement with multi-ethnic students in the areas of teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and staff support. The letter of nomination should answer the following questions:

  1. Brief, current biographical information about the nominee. 
  2. Discuss the nominee's contributions to the academic excellence of multi-ethnic students at the University of Maryland. Please describe the nominee's broad range of service over an extended period of time. However, you must include at least three specific accounts of substantial activity in the past two - three years. Please include dates. 
More specifically, discuss the following as it relates to their service at the University of Maryland:

  • How the individual gives freely and unselfishly of their time to multi-ethnic students and/or multi-cultural community activities
  • How the nominees inspires multi-ethnic students and acts as a role model
  • How the nominee has had a positive impact on the academic success of multi-ethnic student(s)
  • How the nominee improves the lives of others

Deadline for submission: Extended to March 6, 2015

Visit http://bit.ly/1Alu2js to submit a nomination.

Fulbright International English Teaching and Study/Research Grants

Are you a interested in pursuing prestigious international study/research or English teaching opportunities after graduation?

Attend an info session to learn about the Fulbright Fellowship Program, the nation’s largest and most prestigious global fellowship program!

Fulbright awards are designed to give recent B.S./B.A. graduates (who are also US citizens) opportunities for international experience, personal enrichment and an open exchange of ideas with citizens of other nations. About 1500 Fulbright fully-funded grants are currently available to over 150 nations. There are two distinct types of grant: study/research awards for students who wish to investigate timely and significant topics abroad, and English Teaching Assistantships. You will find below some brief introductory information about Fulbright awards. For detailed information please visit the Fulbright US Student Program website at: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html

The National Scholarships Office at the University of Maryland is hosting information several workshops on Fulbright study/research and teaching opportunities – please RSVP to fulbright@umd.edu if you plan to attend and specify which day/time you plan to attend in your response. All workshops will be held in 2403 Marie Mount Hall.

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply, but interested Freshmen and Sophomores are also welcome to attend!

Workshop Dates:
  • Tuesday, March 3 at 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, March 4 at 12 noon
  • Wednesday, March 4 at 4:30 pm
  • Thursday, March 5 at 12 noon
  • Friday, March 6 at 12 noon
  • Friday, March 6 at 4:30 pm

Who Can Apply: US Citizens – Current Juniors and Seniors, Recent Grads – All Majors – GPA of 3.0 or higher recommended – Campus Deadline: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DSAC Brown Bag

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council has scheduled our next Brown-Bag Lunch for Monday, March 9th. This Brown-Bag event is particularly special because it is featuring not just one but two GVPT professors:

Professor Todd Allee, whose current research projects explore the hidden effect of the World Trade Organization (or WTO) dispute settlement mechanism in deterring unrealized trade disputes, domestic political explanations for trade conflict, the impact of WTO accession on trade, the design and effects of bilateral investment treaties, and the role of Members of Congress and anti-protection forces in U.S. trade policymaking. Also, Professor Allee currently teaches GVPT200: International Relations.

Professor James M. Glass, whose research focuses on political theory, political philosophy, and political psychology. His research currently includes a study of Jewish political and spiritual resistance during the Holocaust. His future research projects include a study of the psychological preconditions for engagement with civil society as well as a look at psychological impediments to civil engagement. Also, Professor Glass currently teaches GVPT241: The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern

Are you interested in learning about internships/careers any of these fields of study, research positions, or general opportunities offered within the BSOS community? If so, this event is for you! All BSOS undergraduate students are more than welcome to attend! Be sure to RSVP by March 7th.

RSVP Here!

This event will be on 11:30 am, March 9th and will facilitate casual conversation over complimentary lunch.

GVPT—Professors Todd Allee & James M. Glass
Monday, March 9th
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Lunch provided!)
All BSOS undergraduate students are welcome!

Aphasia: H.O.P.E. is a Four-Letter Word (Short Film and Speaker)

National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA), will be showing: Carl McIntyre's short film Aphasia: Hope is a Four Letter Word on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 2:30 – 4 pm, at the Hoff theater.

Carl will speak afterward. Although his speech is still affected, Carl is a shining example of perseverance, determination, and personal motivation. He shows humor, strength and an amazing spirit in the face of staggering obstacles and inspires audiences to do the same in their lives. He received rave reviews for his powerful and nuanced performance and is the driving force of the film.

SGA Sustainability Initiative

Each and every day we make choices. We choose what food we will eat, how far we will drive, and what clothes we will wear. What we often forget about these choices is that they have an immense impact on our planet. Unfortunately, right now because of careless choices, our planet is now facing devastating issues, none more frightening than global climate change.

So, to remind people that their personal actions do matter, the Student Government Association created a month long program to challenge ALL members of the campus community to pledge to reduce their carbon footprint in their everyday lives!

We call the program The "What Will YOU(md) Do?" Sustainability Pledge.

Sign up here!

Equally importantly, the pledge is also designed to help participants understand where our campus energy comes from - mostly from dirty sources - and to ultimately rally support for more clean energy on our campus! You can read more about this aspect of the program here!

To learn more, take the pledge, and fight for clean energy at UMD, visit www.whatwillyoumddo.org!

Happy pledging!

The SGA Student Sustainability Committee

InteliTrac Legal and Capture Department Internship

The InteliTrac Legal and Capture Department is searching for motivated individuals who think outside the box and are looking for work in a fast paced environment. InteliTrac is quickly growing, with both international and nationwide employees, focused on services and products. Our internship program allows for hands on corporate experiences with day to day practices, issues and conflict resolution. This allows interns to analyze situations and self-assign tasks to be able to overcome obstacles. These experiences and opportunities allow for InteliTrac’s intern graduates to be uniquely qualified and skilled through the knowledge and responsibilities placed on them throughout the intern program.

The Legal and Capture Interns will have the opportunity to learn and be active in many company developmental processes such as:
  • Business Development 
  • Leadership 
  • Team Building 
  • Self-assignment of Tasks 
  • Identification of Issues and Resolution Procedures, including but not limited to: 
  • Preparing and reviewing corporate and legal documents (i.e., Subcontracts, Teaming Agreements, Offer Letters, etc) 
  • Researching and drafting legal documents 
  • Maintaining client/customer information 
  • Researching and drafting private and government funds and contracts 
  • Tracking proposal and performance databases 
  • Writing and editing proposals and other documents  '
  • Ensuring compliance with government and agency regulations (i.e., FARs) 
  • Shredding and understanding Request for Proposal (RFP) language 
  • Managing production and distribution of work documents 
  • Developing presentations 
  • Assisting in compliance of various business documents and requirements 
  • Skilled in proper use of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, usage, spelling, style, letter and report writing, and proofreading skills 
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex information in a timely manner 
  • Ability to research extensively & produce professional letter, memoranda, and reports 
  • Ability to communicate complex issues effectively and clearly, orally and in writing 
  • Available to work 6-8 weeks over the summer
Apply and learn more at Careers4Terps.

Researching Ferguson Workshop

Global Internet Governance Expert at CISSM Forum Thursday

Tim Maurer, Research Fellow, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation

Tim Maurer focuses on cyberspace and international affairs at New America. His current projects center on cyberwarfare and the global cyber-security norms process, transatlantic cooperation on security and freedom in the digital age, Internet Freedom especially in the context of U.S. sanctions and export controls, and research on swing states in the international Internet governance debate.

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 12:00
1203 Van Munching Hall 
It is open to the public (no RSVPs required).