Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Groundbreaking Hinman CEO Program is Accepting Applications!

Live Entrepreneurship with the Hinman CEOs
Information Session October 10 at 6:00 p.m., Banneker (B) Room, Stamp
Applications due by October 24, 2011

As the nation's first living-learning entrepreneurship program, Hinman CEOs is a groundbreaking initiative placing entrepreneurially-minded students from all technical and non-technical academic disciplines in a unique community. Students live together, learn about entrepreneurship, and can launch new ventures. The mission of Hinman CEOs is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, create a sense of community and cooperation, and develop ethical leaders.

Hinman CEOs is now accepting applications until October 24th for students entering the program in Fall 2012. Applications are available at http://mtech.umd.edu/hinman/apply.html.

As a junior-senior residential program, applicants should be sophomores at the time of the application. Applicants must have two academic years remaining at the University to accommodate four normal academic semesters with the Program (e.g. Fall 2012 through Spring 2014). Applicants graduating after Spring 2014 (e.g. current freshmen) are encouraged to apply for Hinman CEOs after they complete the freshmen year. For best consideration, freshmen interested in applying to the Program are encouraged to live on campus their sophomore year to mitigate issues with returning to on-campus housing (South Campus Commons) after choosing to move off-campus.

Living-Learning Environment
The heart of the Hinman CEOs Program is the living community. All entering Hinman CEOs students live with Program participants in South Campus Commons. This provides maximum exposure to on-site mentors and instructors, as well as fellow students in the Hinman CEOs Program. Exceptions to the living requirement are limited to students studying abroad or serving as resident assistants elsewhere on campus.

Academic Opportunities
Complementing the living environment are the learning opportunities. Each semester, Hinman CEOs enroll in one course exclusive to participants of the Program. Depending on your major, some or all of these courses may count toward your degree requirements for the upper level elective requirement and for satisfaction of upper level course work out of major. If all requirements are met, participants earn a Hinman CEOs Program notation on their transcript.

To learn more, visit hinmanceos.umd.edu