Friday, October 28, 2011

Phi Gamma Delta & SGA Presents: Dick Morris....Attendance Will Support a Terp in Need!!!

This Tuesday, November 1st, political author and FOXNEWS contributor, Dick Morris will be coming to UMD as a part of the SGA Speaker Series which will be sponsored by Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI). The event will be this Tuesday at 7:00 PM ET in the Atrium room located in Stamp Student Union.

Dick Morris served as the campaign manager for Bill Clinton during his 1996 successful bid for re- election to the office of President, and also served as a top advisor in the Clinton White House. Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue "third way policies of triangulation," a policy that combined both Republican and Democrat proposals, issues, and rhetoric - to find common ground within the parties. Clinton's communications director in 1994 said of Morris, "no single person had more power over the president," when speaking of Morris' tenure as a secret consultant during his first term.

Phi Gamma Delta has reached out to Morris to come speak at the University of Maryland - in hopes to raise funds for Grady Chaltain, a brother, who is currently going through chemotherapy for brain cancer symptoms. The event will be $10 per student and $20 per non student. All of the proceeds will go to Grady’s family in covering the hefty medical expenses.

We encourage you all to attend to have the opportunity to hear and meet one of the most influential people in the media right now. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

James Gray
Phi Gamma Delta Chapter President