Friday, January 27, 2012

Schedule Adjustment Period!

The Spring 2012 semester is underway!!! Here are a couple of important reminders:

#1 Check your schedule!

The Schedule Adjustment Period runs until February 7, 2012. Some time before February 7th, you should reivew your courses and check that your official enrrollment matches the courses that you are attending. Often students don't realize that they are still enrolled in a course which they thought they dropped or don't know that they are attending a course in which they are not enrolled. In these cases, you may recieve an F for the course you are mistakenly not attending or not earn any credit for the course you are attending.

The easiest way to check your enrollment is to visit the portal page.

#2 Pass/Fail courses

If you are taking a course or planning to take a course under the pass/fail grading method be sure to check this link to make sure it is the appropriate option for you.

Please note that changes in a grading method can only be done during schedule adjustment therefore February 7th is the last day.

#3 Graduation Applications

If you are graduating in May 2012 be sure to fill out the online graduation application. It is mandatory, without this application your name will not be on the graduation list and you will not be reviewed for graduation. The deadline is February 7, 2012

Here is the link:

#4 Are you in the right courses?

Please check out Degree Navigator online ( to see if what you are taking is what you need to be taking to complete your degree. If you have questions please see an advisor!! You can meet with an advisor in your department or in the BSOS Advising Center. For more information on advising check out our website