Monday, May 7, 2012

Finals Weeks @ BSOS: What's Your Plan?!

Planning to be up all night, cramming for finals? Got a special, hidden or lucky studying spot? Traditions, routines & stress relief techniques? We're covering finals, and need your stories!

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences wants to do a story on Finals Week @ BSOS. Any and all BSOS majors & minors, at any point in their academic careers, are eligible and welcome to share. If you are interested in having your unique experience documented, please reach out and let us know. Don't Worry: we won't be sticking around to disrupt your habits and distract you. A few photos and a quick response would be a great way to showcase our college's (and of course our students') diversity, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We plan on being on campus LATE, and we can go wherever our students are posted...

This could be a great way to demonstrate how far you've come, what makes you special...or maybe just an awesome way to remember your last Finals Week at UMD. Without our students, the project doesn't work: please email in to & let us know if you are interested in participating.

Thank you!