Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So Close to #1, We Can Taste It!!!

BSOS still needs your help completing Course Evaluations! These surveys are so tremendously valuable in shaping our future courses...not only throughout our college, but University-wide as well. Please fill them out and share your experiences - I am sure future Terps would love to know which classes were fantastic, and where other classes need improvement.

This drive for student participation is also something we take very seriously at BSOS. The folks who manage all Course Evaluations have made this something of a competition...and we're looking to win. So far we are sitting behind several schools & colleges...with others catching up quickly (see below). Please fill out your course evaluations soon! You will not only be helping current and future Terps, but also leading your college to a victory! Two birds with one stone! Show your BSOS pride, and lets get these evaluations completed. Thank you!

- The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences