Thursday, July 19, 2012

Looking to Work Abroad? Start Here...

Work, Volunteer, and Intern Abroad!

Going Global is an interactive search database provided by the University Career Center & The President’s Promise that connects students with job and internship opportunities from countries around the world. The site includes:

· Detailed, expert written Country Career Guides (Perfect for researching a country of interest!)

· Employer directory with in depth corporate profiles

· Networking groups

· Step- by-step tutorial

· Department of Labor H1B visa application database (For international students seeking employment in the U.S.)

· Interview and cultural advice; resume and cover letter examples

To access these international opportunities, visit the Center’s website ( and click the blue Going Global button in the bottom left hand corner.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Documentary Screening: The Human Boundaries

BSOS Terps! Check out this documentary screening at the Nyumburu Cultural Center on July 21, 2012 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Click the image below for more information, or visit their Facebook event page at:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

START is Searching for Fall 2012 Interns!!!

Click on the image below to view START's official Fall 2012 Internships flyer. The 'Priority Deadline' was Friday, July 6, 2012...but you can apply through July 13, 2012. Good luck Terps!

Speak German? Amazing Opportunities Await! Apply Now!

EMGIP - Bundestag offers internship opportunities for U.S. and Canadian students in the German parliament, the Bundestag. The internships are 2 months long, in positions matching the student’s interests and experience. Interns will be placed within the Verwaltung, preferably with a Sekretariat (representative) working for their preferred Ausschuss (committee). Aside from contributing to the respective offices, interns have the opportunity to study legislative and administrative procedures in the German parliament.

Program Objectives:
DAAD programs are helping to create good will and professional relationships that will help build a solid basis for relations between Germany and North America.

EMGIP Internships were founded in 1965 by Professors Louise Holborn and George Romoser with the assistance of many scholars of German affairs, especially in the social sciences and contemporary history, and with the financial and planning aid of various German offices also interested in encouraging the development of future generations of German experts. In view of the contributions of German émigrés, the experiential program was named Émigré Memorial German Internship Program.

Applicants for EMGIP – Bundestag should possess outstanding academic records and personal integrity as well as some knowledge of the German legislative process. Participants should be advanced undergraduates or graduate students in fields such as political science, international relations, law, history, economics or German. US and Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply. International students who are enrolled in a full time course of study in the US or Canada may also apply. PhD students and German nationals are not eligible.

Successful applicants must hand in a certificate of college enrollment for the internship period. Graduating seniors must enroll at the Free University as special students to obtain student status in Germany.

Language Skills:
Students must be able to fully communicate in German as their working language during the internship will be German. The skill level should be Intermediate German and above (oral and written) plus the appropriate professional vocabulary. Applicants must submit the DAAD language certificate. Finalists will be interviewed in German.

Application Guidelines:
Application forms and up-to-date information about the application process for the EMGIP – Bundestag internships as well as detailed guidelines are available at

The following documentation is required:
Application Form
Short Essay
3 Letters of Recommendation
DAAD Language Certificate

In order to receive an optimal placement you should clearly state your particular interests in the essay. The German Bundestag suggests that you choose a 2 month period between September and mid-December when the Bundestag is in session. Placements during the spring are from May 1st through June 2013. Since the spring session ends in late June, placements typically end in early July for the summer break.

Application Deadline: September 15st, 2012 (postmark)

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All materials and the correct amount of copies must be submitted on time.

Placement Process:
Once accepted into the program, the administration of the Bundestag will search for an appropriate position for the interns. This process may take a while as the EMGIP Interns will be competing with hundreds of native Germans for the most prestigious placements.

Terms of award:
The successful applicant will receive compensation of approximately €1,500 per month by the German Bundestag. Subsidized health insurance is available through DAAD for a monthly fee. DAAD can help the interns to obtain housing in Berlin (the average rent for a room is €270/month and for an apartment €420) and make contacts with fellow international interns and German students. All travel expenses are the intern’s responsibility.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Undergrads: Learn to Present Your Research!!!

The Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research presents: Summer Talks for Student Researchers

Undergraduate student researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park are welcome to attend a talk on:


Prof. William Dorland, Department of Physics and Director of Maryland’s University Honors College, will give a talk for students who are actively pursuing (or who have completed) primary research and who would like to learn how to transform a research project into a professional publication or presentation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get expert advice and guidance!