Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Need Help With Math or Studying? We've Got You Covered!

Terps! We want to draw your attention to two programs offered in our residence halls that are designed to support the academic success of our students. Don't hesitate to take advantage of these programs and give yourself the edge you need to succeed!

Math Success - We’ve been offering this free, drop-in, peer tutoring program to students since 1997. We moved its base of operations from Easton Hall to Oakland Hall when the building opened last year and participation blossomed. In 2011-12, we had 6,414 visits to the program, more than doubling the visits from the previous year (3,194). The student math coaches that we hire and supervise assist their peers having difficulties, particularly focused on MATH 140, 141, and 220. Students can learn more about the Math Success program at http://www.reslife.umd.edu/programs/math_success/.

Guided Study Session - In collaboration with the Learning Assistance Services unit in the Counseling Center we offer Guided Study Sessions in Denton Community (Elkton, Denton, Easton) residence halls. The Guided Study Sessions are free, regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses such as BSCI 105, BSCI 106, BSCI 207, CHEM 131, CHEM 231, and ASTR 100. More than 2,500 visits to these study sessions occurred in Denton Community residence halls last year and more than 9,000 visits occurred in Guided Study Sessions across campus. Students can learn more about the Guided Study Sessions offered around the campus at http://www.counseling.umd.edu/LAS/html/gss.html.

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