Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love Statistics? JPSM's Junior Fellow Program Might Be For You!

A Highly Competitive Program for a Select Few

The JPSM Junior Fellow Program is a cooperative venture of the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy and the Joint Program in Survey Methodology. The Joint Program in Survey Methodology is funded primarily by the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy to provide graduate educational programs for the next generation of technical staff in the Federal Statistical System. It's graduate faculty devote their teaching careers to teaching the multidisciplinary tools that are needed for large scale surveys and censuses.

This is a unique internship experience that gives you a paid research assistantship, plus educational benefits that can expand your horizons of what you can do in your career.

The Work Experience
During the day you will work as an intern in one of the Federal statistical agencies below:
You'll work with staff whose job it is to report to the nation about its health and welfare. You'll watch how they do it and you'll learn about what's needed to devise modern complex information systems.

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