Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be Inspirational: The BSOS International Peace and Relations Quote Contest

Following the success of the recent Chincoteague Hall renovation and inauguration, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) is sponsoring a student contest for the best quote from a world leader or well-known public figure, relating to international peace or international relations.

Students are encouraged to submit an inspirational quote that represents the essence of Chincoteague Hall as related to the research interests of its current occupants and in keeping with the theme of quotes currently on display throughout the building: peace, globalization, freedom and humanitarianism.

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Adding to the inspirational and unifying words inscribed upon the walls in Chincoteague Hall, the winning quote will be showcased and permanently etched onto one of the blank quote panels. In addition to making his or her mark on Chincoteague Hall by providing the quote that will be added to its walls, the winner will also receive a $250 gift certificate to the University Bookstore.

Contest is open to all UMD students, but entries from students within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences will be given special consideration. All participants must be current students, enrolled in a degree seeking program at the University of Maryland, College Park. Students can be enrolled part-time or full-time, at any degree level.

All submissions must be submitted online at by 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 20, 2013