Thursday, February 21, 2013

Interesting Paid Research Opportunity!

Learning Artificial Language Vocabulary: 4-5 sessions
Come and Earn a Total of $45!!!

Come and enrich your "language experience" with an exotic new artificial language. You will be asked to learn vocabulary in the artificial language. You will listen to sentences in the new language, watch visual scenes depicting the sentences, answer simple questions and do other fun language-related activities.

Monolingual English native speakers or native speakers with minimal knowledge of foreign languages are needed for a multi-session language experiment. A prescreening interview will determine participants’ eligibility.

While engaged in fun activities, learn a miniature artificial language and earn either $5 or one 'research participation credit' per an hour-session, for a maximum of 4 sessions. For participants who receive monetary compensation, a bonus of $25 for completing the 4th (and final) session will be provided.