Friday, March 8, 2013

Thought for Food Challenge!

Thought For Food Challenge (

How It Works: The 2013 Thought For Food Challenge invites students from universities around the world to produce a robust project proposal – consisting of a business plan and creative pitch – that presents an unexpected and out-of-the-box solution to the global challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

You'll be sent a series of exciting "Missions" to complete across two fast-paced rounds that culminate in September at the Thought For Food Global Summit in Berlin. 

We will provide: 
First-rate tools and resources to deepen your understanding of global food issues 
Access to professional mentorship from world-class experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. A robust web-platform to publish and generate worldwide attention for your big idea. The chance to win a trip to Berlin and significant funding for your project. Media coverage and profiling of your work in a documentary about the next generation of food and agriculture innovators. 

For additional details, download the student information PDF.