Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Be the Solution Competition: Kick-Off TOMORROW! RSVP Now!

Terps! We're almost there! On Wednesday, September 25 from 6-7pm we kickoff our 2nd annual Be the Solution Competition!

Dedicated to conquering a problem? Great at identifying new ones? Will your fearless ideas be the solution to society’s challenges?

Whatever your major or background, we invite you to come learn about the competition, join us for free pizza and drinks, and see how we can help your ideas take shape. However ambitious or simple, you'll have the resources and support to develop your ideas and compete for money to get your project started!

The Be the Solution Business Model Competition promotes innovation and entrepreneurship across the behavioral and social sciences by offering students prizes for new ventures with social value. The competition emphasizes learning & entrepreneurship through workshops, coaching, interdisciplinary cooperation and the experience of pitching a business to an expert panel of judges.

Develop & pitch a start-up concept that provides a solution to a problem in any of the following areas:

Global Sustainability   |   Understanding Societies and Cultures
Improving the Human Condition   |   International Relations

Whether you’re starting a non-profit or developing a game-changing mobile app, seize the opportunity to get your fearless ideas on to paper & off the ground. Team up with fellow enTERPreneurs across campus and pursue your common passion to Be the Solution!


Invite your friends, classmates, colleagues and teammates from across campus. You never know who may have the experience, skills, ideas and passion to help launch your project!