Monday, September 30, 2013

Do you have between 75-89 credits earned? Let Advising help you make a plan for your last semester/s!

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about registration for next semester!  All students in BSOS with between 75-89 credits are required to complete an official academic audit in preparation for graduation.

What is an official academic audit?
The academic audit is an official review of what degree requirements you have finished and what you still need to complete. 
Doing an audit now is important to prevent graduation problems in your last semester. 

When must the audit be completed?
Students with 75 - 89 credits will be required to complete an audit before being able to register for Spring 2014 classes.

Why is it important for you to complete an audit?
1) It gives you a chance to review what courses you have taken to ensure that they have been recorded correctly. 
2) It allows you to verify what courses and/or credits you are missing in order to meet graduation requirements. 
3) It makes sure that you, your department and the college are all working with the same information.

Where do I go to complete the audit?
You may complete your audit in one of two ways: 

1) Online.  For 2 weeks (Friday, September 20 – Friday, October 4) the online system will be open.  This allows students to complete their audit without having to meet with their advisors in person.  To complete your audit online, please go to: <>  and follow the instructions.
*Please note ANTH and SOCY students MUST complete their audit IN PERSON.

2) In Person. 
* First, meet with your departmental advisor to review major requirements.
* Then, meet with a BSOS advisor to review CORE/Gen Ed and university requirements.  You can schedule an appointment online at

Please note, Anthropology students must have their supporting course work approved by faculty advisor in the Anthropology Department BEFORE being eligible to complete the audit and register for classes after earning 90 credits.  Anthropology students must complete their audit in person.

Please note, Sociology students must complete their audit in person.
Your Departmental and College Advisors