Thursday, November 21, 2013

Message from Assistant Dean Dr. Katherine Russell, Just For Our BSOS Terps!

Dear BSOS Students,

I hope that your semester is going well. This is the time of year when students are thinking about their spring class schedules and starting to plan for summer internships and jobs. Your student representatives on the Dean's Student Advisory Council and in the Student Government Association have been reminding me that it can be challenging for students to access the most helpful resources in the sea of media blasts you receive. I am writing to suggest you take two important steps to help ensure you are able to take full advantage of the professional and career planning resources that we offer.

(1) The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is partnering closely with the University Career Center to offer customized advice and opportunities to assist you in finding internships,  preparing for graduate school, updating your resume, or exploring job opportunities. Even if you are a first-semester freshmen, the University Career Center & The President’s promise  can help you!

Are you already signed-up for Careers4Terps?  If not, now is the time. Log into Careers4Terps to set up a Search Agent to receive alerts (as often as you would like) about internships and jobs based on your specific interests!  Newsletters are just one of the resources customized for BSOS students and available only to Careers4Terps participants.

(2) We also recommend that you follow your department and college blogs for the discipline-specific opportunities for BSOS majors, including internships, research, professional development, and scholarship opportunities.

Best wishes,

Dr. Russell

Dr. Katherine F. Russell
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
University of Maryland