Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finding the Signal in the Noise: Innovation & Research

UNIV150: Finding the Signal in the Noise

This is a pilot of what will be the first-semester course in the FIRE program sequence.   More information on the in-development sequence is detailed at:

This pilot is designed to serve first and second year students who have an interest in STEM, social, animal and health science disciplines and would benefit from a multidisciplinary course that will prepare them for innovation and research activities.

The course is divided into three thematic units:
  • The irrationality of economic market patterns.
  • Epidemiology and predicting the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Atmospheric and natural phenomena prediction.
Across each of the three thematic units, students will engage:
  • The fundamentals of locating, reading, and analyzing primary literature.
  • The fundamentals of experimental and innovation design.
  • The fundamentals of collegial and communal group work.
  • The fundamentals of written and oral scholarly communication.