Monday, March 31, 2014

GVPT 399A/388A: The Politics of Terror

GVPT 399A/388A
Summer Session 1: June 2-June 20,  2014
Theme: The Politics of Terror: In the Self, the Community and State

Film Schedule

Terror in and on the Self

June 3: Ordinary People
        4: Black Swan
        5: Shutter Island
        6: Incendies

Terror in the Community

June 10: Hotel Rwanda
        11: The Beider Meinhoff Gang
        12: City of God
        13: Paradise Now

Terror in and by the State

June 17: Munich
        18: District 9
        19: Rendition
        20: The Grey Zone

Students may enroll for either three or six credits; if you enroll for three credits and intend to take the on-campus course, sign up for GVPT 399A; you may also take the course as an online, three credit course.  If you do that sign up for GVPT 388A.  If you choose to take the course for six credits sign up for both 399A and 388A.  For those taking the course for six credits, 388A covers the second three weeks of the first summer session.  You do an independent project on your own that builds from the first three-week 399A session.  You work with your discussion leader on a paper topic and that paper will be due at the end of the first summer session.  You do not have to be on campus to do GVPT 388A.   For those of you taking the online 388A ONLY you have the entire first summer session, through July11, to complete the above list of films. If you have any questions feel free to contact Professor Glass at extension 5-4119 or