Thursday, March 27, 2014

Have you checked your mid term grade reports in TESTUDO?

Check your midterm grades to be proactive and work to successfully complete the semester. Go to

There are several resources available for academic success. Please be aware not all instructors report grades. So if grades haven’t been submitted, talk to your instructor as soon as possible.
Here is some advice and resources that may help you finish your semester successfully.

1. See Course Instructor-This is the most vital step of becoming informed of what needs to done to finish the course successfully. This also shows the instructor you’re committed to doing your best. This is essential if you’re having academic difficulty.

2. Consult an Academic Advisor - An advisor can help identify the source of your difficulties—We hope you come and talk to us! You can make an appointment with a BSOS college advisor by visiting our website:

3. Attend “Project Success,” a workshop which will present strategies for success, how to prepare for exams, and the top tips for improving academic performance. RSVP:

Additionally there are a variety of resources the university offers for academic success.
1. Learning Assistance Services (LAS) -offers academic success workshops, guided study sessions, academic support groups and other programing for academic success.

2. Tutoring Services – offers tutoring for many different courses.

3. The Office of Multiethnic Student Education (OMSE) - offers tutoring, a mentoring program, academic support groups, and professional development opportunities for minority and underrepresented students on campus.

4. Math Department - offers free tutoring and a test bank of past math exams.

5. Math Success Program - is an undergraduate peer coaching program with free walk-in math tutoring.

6. The Writing Center - offers trained tutors to help improve writing skills.

7. The Honors Program - has a substantial list of tutors sorted by subject. You don’t have to be an honors student and it’s free.

8. Disability Support Services (DSS) - with valid documentation, DSS will assist in obtaining accommodations for testing, reading, and other academic needs.

9. University Libraries – offers seven campus-wide libraries with a variety of services for students needing assistance with research projects. Talk to your librarian!

10. The University Health Center’s Health Promotion – offers resources for overall wellbeing such as nutrition, meditation, and stress management.

11. Counseling Center - offers free and confidential services by trained professionals. Many students encounter a variety of personal, social, career, and academic issues that call for assistance beyond advice provided by friends and family.

Withdrawing from a course is also a good strategy appropriate for certain situations which can save your GPA. After exploring these alternatives, should you need to withdraw from one or more of your courses, the deadlines for doing so are as follows:

April 14 Withdraw from one course with a 'W'

May 13 Withdraw from all courses