Monday, March 31, 2014

Operation CHAMPS Wants You!

Want to directly give back to military families? Do you enjoy spending time with kids? If so, Operation Champs has great opportunities for you!

Operation CHAMPS is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization that aims to engage the civilian community in giving back to military families. When one member of the family is in the military, the entire family serves. Here at Operation Champs, we endeavor to show our attitudes of gratitude to these families, especially military-connected children, who we refer to as CHAMPs (Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel.)  

The Champsitting Program, one of Operation Champ’s main initiatives, is a free babysitting service, that benefits our military families in more ways than one can imagine. Students volunteer their time to babysit (or Champsit, as we say) for military-connected children on days that their parents need to either attend an appointment, spend time in the hospital, date nights, or even a few hours to themselves to relax and catch their breath. We want to open this volunteer opportunity to become a Champsitter to anyone that is interested.

Those who are willing to give thanks to our American heroes will be interviewed and then selected candidates will undergo a Champsitting Orientation that will inform them on the mission of Operation Champs, basic military 101, military cultural competence and babysitting skills. The orientation will also certify volunteers in First Aid and CPR, if not already certified. If you are interested in becoming a Champsitter, please contact Lindsey McDermott, Director of Champsitting Program, as soon as possible! You can reach her by email or by phone 410-507-6910. If we come together and give thanks to those who serve our country, we can really make a difference!