Friday, April 25, 2014

Participants needed for Pilot test of the “Resource Curse in South America” simulation

Date: Wednesday, April 30th (3pm - 6pm) 

Location: 1117 Chincoteague Hall

Description: Participants are needed to play the roles of different actors (corporations, government officials, NGOs, indigenous groups) in a test run of an online ICONS Project role play simulation focused on the challenges of the “resource curse” in South America.   This simulation includes negotiations between the Bolivian government and two multinational corporations (a French company and a Chinese company) as each company bids for extraction rights to Bolivia’s large lithium deposits. Many groups beyond the national government and the corporations also have a lot at stake in the outcome of these negotiations and will attempt to influence the bidding process. 

Pizza will be provided!  Participants will need to spend approximately one hour prior to the pilot test reviewing materials for their assigned role.

RSVP:  By Sunday, April 27th to