Thursday, May 1, 2014

Note from BSOS Advising

 The BSOS Advising Center hopes you are having a great semester and wish you luck on your upcoming finals, papers and projects.  We would like to remind you of the advising tools available for students to use when selecting courses each semester.  You may have already registered or are getting ready to register for the Fall 2014 semester.   

Please use Degree Navigator, UMD’s academic auditing tool to see what courses you need as well as seeing how the courses you have taken apply to your degree requirements. This report is the tool your department advisor and college advisor uses to track students for the completion of benchmark courses, LEP gateway courses, GenEd courses, major requirements and finally graduation clearance. Each semester we encourage you to review this report closely and contact your department or college advising office if you have any questions about what you see in the report. 

Students must complete general education courses as part of the degree.  The requirements are either the  CORE Program or the requirements for the General Education Program.  Please visit the website to learn about each category you are required to complete.  For one Gen Ed category in particular there is an important advising point we would like to emphasize. “One of the two Scholarship in Practice courses selected must be outside the student’s major requirements.” Some of our BSOS majors have major requirements that are DSSP courses. Even if your major requires two DSSP courses, you still must take one outside of your major.  We are currently working with the campus to make sure Degree Navigator audits correctly display this requirement.  If your report shows two major courses in the DSSP section, please note that you must still register for another DSSP course outside you major.

Please use TESTUDO to see what courses are offered in the Fall. Please pay particular attention to course information on pre –requisites, duplications, credit restrictions and permission requirements.
Thank you!
BSOS Advising