Monday, August 18, 2014

UMD Athletic Department is Hiring Tutors!

The University of Maryland Athletic Department is currently hiring peer tutors for the upcoming fall semester.  Working as a tutor is a wonderful opportunity for high-achieving students to gain quality experience in their academic disciplines.  Tutors are hired based upon many factors including subjects of expertise, academic success, ability to teach and listen, professionalism, and amicability.    

We recruit tutors from all academic disciplines.  Students able to tutor the following majors are especially encouraged to apply: AASP, AMST, AOSC, AREC, BIOL, BMGT, CCJS, COMM, ECON, ENME, FMSC, GEOG, GEOL, GOVT, HIST, HLTH, JOUR, KNES, NFSC, PHIL, PLSC, PSYC, SOCY, STAT. 

For application materials, email  TERPTUTOR@UMD.EDU.  For more information, contact:
Courtney E Hoffmann +1 301 405-5858