Monday, September 29, 2014

iDiversity UMD Crowdfunding

iDiversity is a student organization that works to promote awareness of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility within the information professions. For more information about iDiversity, check out our website:

We are working on a new project that will benefit diverse user populations on the UMD campus, and we need your help.

UMD's McKeldin Library recently opened a makerspace and we are working to ensure that everyone is able to use the innovative tools and tech, regardless of ability. We are raising funds to purchase software and hardware to make the makerspace accessible to individuals with visual impairments, motor skill issues, etc.

In order to ensure these user populations can use this amazing space we are raising funds through the UMD crowdfunding platform, LaunchUMD. Please take a look at our Launch campaign ( and consider supporting this important project.

Faith Ambrosini
iDiversity Secretary