Friday, December 5, 2014

Government & International Relations Winter Courses

Are you interested in international relations and in taking an online course this winter session? Consider GVPT200 International Political Relations. This course is open to all majors and is a good option for students interested in international affairs, foreign policy, or cultural studies.  

GVPT 200 International Political Relations
A study of the major factors underlying international relations, the causes of conflict and cooperation among international actors, the role of international institutions, the interactions of domestic and foreign policies, and major issues in security, economy and the environment.
 The GVPT department is also offering the courses listed below in the winter:
  • GVPT 100 Scope and Methods for Political Science Research (offered online)
  • GVPT 170 American Government (offered online)
  • GVPT 241 The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern (offered online)
  • GVPT 306 Global Environmental Politics (offered online)
  • GVPT 309D Topics in International Relations; Drone, Data, and National Security in the 21st Century (offered online)
  • GVPT 359N Topics in Comparative Politics; Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (offered online)
Multi-Track Diplomacy: Transforming Violent Conflict Program
  • GVPT 409J Seminar in International Relations and World Politics; Multi-Track Diplomacy and Conflict Transformation
  • GVPT 409K Seminar in International Relations and World Politics; Workshop in Multi-Track Diplomacy
Course description for the Multi-Track Diplomacy courses:
The winter term starts on Monday, January 5th and ends on Friday, January 23rd.