Friday, December 5, 2014

Introduction to Public Policy

Tuesday/Thursday, 12-1:15 pm

The development and implementation of public policies are the most important elements in the success of government. While much attention is paid by the public and media to politics, there is much more to public policy than “who wins” and “who loses”. This course will provide a broad understanding of the policy making process, and the tools for analyzing and managing successful policies. Along the way, we will briefly consider various policy arenas, including education policy, health policy, environment and energy policy, criminal justice policy, and economic/fiscal policy. These policies will be considered from both a national and state/local perspective. The course will take advantage of our unique location by using high-profile guest speakers and on-site observations of the policy process and actors.

There will be four optional visits on Friday afternoons to external institutions involved in the practice of public policy (i.e., Congressman Steny Hoyer)