Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Volunteer to be a host for HighRisers

The HighRiser Council is recruiting volunteers who reside on North Campus and North Hill to host a prospective UMD student visiting campus for one evening. Hosts are student volunteers who are mature and are enthusiastic about living on campus. This opportunity allows current residential students to have a positive impact on a prospective student's college choice process.

Important events for the spring semester include:
February 18th at 7pm: Open House
February 25th at 7pm: Host Training
March 30th at 7pm: Host Training
March 5th, April 2nd, April 9th: Overnight Stay Program Events

Events will be in 1205 Cambridge Community Center.

This fantastic opportunity allows students to become more involved in campus life as a campus leader. For more information and to complete an application to become a host, please visit http://www.reslife.umd.edu/osp/hosts/

Questions? Contact Chantal at cchampal@umd.edu or 301-314-7344