Monday, February 16, 2015

BSOS Summer Grant Writing Workshop: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Are you a BSOS major and planning to apply to a PhD program in a social sciences discipline after college? Want to prepare a competitive application for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship that will provide an edge in admission and provide funding for 3 years in the program you attend? Associate Dean and Professor Carl Lejuez is offering a summer 2015 workshop to walk you through preparation of an outstanding application for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! This is an incredible opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Lejuez, who is an accomplished researcher and who has had great success mentoring students in preparing funded social sciences grants.

Please click here to apply for the summer workshop by April 15, 2015. You will be asked to upload a PDF of your "unofficial" transcript as part of the application. You will be notified of your acceptance by  May 3, 2015. If accepted, you will have the option of registering for the 1 credit class in Summer I. A non-credit option is also available, but you must still apply. All course materials will be available on ELMS.

Course Details:
BSOS388N-BL01 (1 cr)
Instructor: Carl Lejuez
BSOS Summer Grant Writing Workshop: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Day/Time: Tuesday 5-7 PM plus online weekly assignments (June 1-July 10, 2015)