Thursday, February 12, 2015

Undergraduate Research in China this Summer

This undergraduate research program (GEOG358C) will help students learn about the physical and cultural landscapes, human activities and the interaction among them in urban China, focusing on using cutting edge Remote Sensing and GIS technologies in their research. This program is a collaboration between Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences and Beijing Normal University's College of Geography and College of Global Change and Earth System Science, the leading geography program in China. The objective of this joint experiential learning program is to introduce undergraduate students to research methods, data collection, field work, implementing and testing a methodology, and the analytical process for advanced research in geography. Additionally, students of the two countries interacting with each other have opportunities to learn and understand the differences and similarities among our two cultures. 

Through lectures and hands on field work, you will learn from professionals in the field of geography and expand your skill set.  Apply now! Applications are due March 1, 2015. This non-traditional experiential learning course offered by the Department of Geographical Sciences could be followed by continuing research in the Fall 2015. 

Project Directors:

Dr. Shunlin Liang: 2181G LeFrak Hall

Dr. Mila Zlatic: 1137 LeFrak Hall

Term:  Summer 2015, 3 credits, Program Cost $2,195
Program Start: 06/14/2015 – Program End 07/05/2015