Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lavender Leadership Honor Society - Apply Now!

You most likely know a student who has shown leadership for LGBTQ inclusion. (You might be that student yourself.) Maybe it was by being a facilitator or board member of a campus LGBTQ group. Or through a research project on bisexual health. Or as a volunteer or intern with an off-campus LGBTQ initiative. Maybe it was by attending allyship or LGBTQ+ leadership trainings/retreats and engaging in work to create more inclusive environments. Perhaps it was an art project around trans bodies of color. Or a student who was involved organizing events for a Gay/Straight Alliance during their high school years.

I’m pleased to announce the creation of the Lavender Leadership Honor Society, a Society that inducts members and recognizes leadership for LGBTQ+ inclusion and social justice, and which provides a community and networking space for those who are engaged in these common interests. Regardless of the form that their leadership took, we want you to encourage UMD students to apply for the Lavender Leadership Honor Society. 

Applications with further details are available here: http://ter.ps/llhs15