Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SGA Sustainability Initiative

Each and every day we make choices. We choose what food we will eat, how far we will drive, and what clothes we will wear. What we often forget about these choices is that they have an immense impact on our planet. Unfortunately, right now because of careless choices, our planet is now facing devastating issues, none more frightening than global climate change.

So, to remind people that their personal actions do matter, the Student Government Association created a month long program to challenge ALL members of the campus community to pledge to reduce their carbon footprint in their everyday lives!

We call the program The "What Will YOU(md) Do?" Sustainability Pledge.

Sign up here!

Equally importantly, the pledge is also designed to help participants understand where our campus energy comes from - mostly from dirty sources - and to ultimately rally support for more clean energy on our campus! You can read more about this aspect of the program here!

To learn more, take the pledge, and fight for clean energy at UMD, visit www.whatwillyoumddo.org!

Happy pledging!

The SGA Student Sustainability Committee