Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BSOS Celebrates 2015 Boren Scholars

Eight undergraduates with ties to the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences are among the nine UMD students who were recently offered Boren Scholarships to pursue intensive language studies in critical regions around the world.

The Boren Scholarship, a Department of Defense award, provides up to $20,000 for long-term, language-focused study abroad experience. The scholarship is designed for students with a serious interest in using their language and regional knowledge skills in U.S. Government service.

This year, 750 students nationwide competed for 171 Boren Scholarships. Maryland ranked first in the nation for Boren Scholarships for the previous three award years, and has ranked no lower than third for the past 5 years.

“Our students’ exceptional performance in the Boren program attests strongly to the power of undergraduate language studies to enhance career and scholarship competitiveness. Their strong showing this year is built on the strengths of UMD’s academic programs and faculty, as reflected in the many and varied affiliations of our successful candidates,” said Francis DuVinage, director of the National Scholarships Office and the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research.
In addition to BSOS, this year’s cadre of Boren Scholars are affiliated with the College of Arts and Humanities and its School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures; the School’s Arabic Flagship Program; the School’s Persian Flagship Program; and the Federal Semester Program within the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

2015-16 BSOS Boren Scholarship Awardees
  • Mariam Badi
  • Olivia Bethea
  • Brian DeShong
  • Sarah Iskander
  • Lindsay Jodoin
  • Anna Pavlos
  • Catherine Tappert
  • Joseph Sammarco