Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BSOS Entrepreneurship Rankings – Send Your Updates

Terps! Did you know that, according to The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, the University of Maryland is ranked among the nation’s Top 25 campus entrepreneurship programs. Thanks to the courses, support, guidance and resources we offer to our aspiring leaders, UMD has been climbing the rankings for the past several years. Go Terps!
At BSOS, we’re dedicating to keeping UMD near the top of the list – providing our students with new and exciting opportunities to pursue their dreams and Be the Solution to the world’s greatest challenges. Our students and graduates have accomplished great things, driven by their curiosity, passion, and Fearless Ideas.

We want to hear about yours!

In just a few weeks we will be providing The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine with an updated list of our activity over the past year. We want to hear about the projects you’ve launched, the businesses you have started, or how you view entrepreneurship developing in the behavioral and social sciences.

It important to step back and remember that the countless programs, initiatives and events are all for you! We strive to provide the means for our creative Terps to achieve their goals – whether its reducing local hunger, finding new ways to be green, or preparing to enter a global business environment. Tell us how we’ve succeeded, or better yet, what you’d love to see! Innovation and entrepreneurship has definitely arrived at BSOS…are you ready?

Send your updates, profiles and thoughts to BSOS@umd.edu