Thursday, May 7, 2015

Social Media Internship with Planned Systems International

Essential Functions & Job Responsibilities:
PSI is seeking a summer intern to assist the marketing department, primarily by enhancing our social media presence. The intern will work together with a Task Lead and numerous other PSIers as he/she assists with brainstorming, planning, writing, strategizing, recommending, and presenting our plan for increased exposure both internally and externally.  Responsibilities and job duties will include but not be limited to:
  • Assisting with social media efforts and strategies to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.
  • Writing/editing blogs/posts/articles for Planned Systems International.
  • Helping to analyze ongoing posting, response and engagement data from PSI’s current social media venues.
  • Exploring efforts to incorporate additional social media platforms (Twitter, etc.).
  • Conducting research surveys as needed.
  • Proposing other actionable recommendations based on expertise and research.
  • Administering such third party social tools and social networks.
  • Providing support for analytics and analysis of social media data.
  • Additionally, may be asked to:
    • Develop a shareable master list/index of posts from all PSI’s social media venues to track and analyze which posts have the highest performance and responses.
    • Monitor the competition and social media conversations across relevant venues to ensure we stay abreast of market changes and developments.
    • Assist with the creation/designing or recommendation of marketing graphics, pamphlets, or other content.
    • Perform other relevant duties as assigned such as assisting with even planning and/or other office management needs.
Minimum Qualifications:
To be considered for this paid internship, applicants must have a sincere desire to delve further into Social Media, learn about PSI's Government contracting business, and integrate the two with positive results.  Additionally, this position requires:
  • A current college student (2+ years preferred).  Will also consider new graduates and Master's candidates if interested in a 10 - 12 week internship.
  • Proven social media marketing knowledge and expertise as evidenced by professional work experience, related internships, and/or relevant college projects.
  • Business analytical skills and good research and writing skills.
  • Self-motivation, organizational skills, and attention to detail.  
  • Ability to summarize and propose/present findings.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills for working in a highly collaborative office environment.
  • Good work ethics, dependable nature, and professional acumen.
  • Ability to safely and securely handle confidential and/or sensitive information.
  • U.S. Citizenship required
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