Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fall Internship with Tomorrow's Youth Organization

Tomorrow's Youth Organization (TYO), an American nonprofit working with disadvantaged children and women in the Middle East, is recruiting Fall 2015 interns! The application deadline is Friday, July 17th.

Interns should have experience and interest in:
        Community development, social work and psychology
        Women's empowerment through education and economic development
        Early childhood and youth programming

They will work at our flagship center in Nablus (West Bank, Palestine) for our Fall 2015 session (September-December--dates are subject to change).

TYO interns will work full-time in cooperation with TYO local and international staff. Interns will create programs for female entrepreneurs, university students and youth from refugee camps and other marginalized areas of the Nablus community. Each intern will develop and implement their own creative lesson plans through the session as well as informally acting as a liaison between TYO and the local community.

Programs may include workshops and classes on professional competency for university students, English and IT classes for female entrepreneurs, sports, drama and art for youth and children, community English classes and weekend recreational activities. Also, there are opportunities to collaborate with other organizations in Nablus as well as on grant-funded projects, at the TYO Center, in the areas of photography/painting and micro-finance projects for women.

Full description and application instructions can be found online for our International Internship Fall 2015 program