Sunday, July 5, 2015

$150 to Try Teaching

Do you love math or science? Do you want to contribute to your community? Have you ever thought about teaching? Sign up for TLPL 101!

Try teaching and earn a $150 scholarship for completing the course with a "B" grade or higher. The course will focus on inquiry-based teaching. You will strengthen your oral communication and organization skills. The course requires that you observe a local elementary school teacher twice and then teach two science or math lessons.

Yes, that's correct. You are required to be in the elementary school a total of four times during the semester. We suggest that you allow a 3-hour window to include travel time, set-up, and wrap-up when teaching the lessons. All of the schools are on the UM shuttle line. 

A background check is required.

TLPL 101 meets for one-hour and twenty minutes once a week.

For more information, visit and contact Travis Larmore at or 301-405-0645.