Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Administrative Coordinator Position with USAID Contractor

Macfadden is an employee-owned, international professional services corporation that applies integrated information technology solutions and program/project management expertise to help solve critical issues impacting the health, safety, and security of the world around us.  Since 1986, federal agencies have relied on Macfadden for mission critical support in the areas of international disaster response, development and humanitarian assistance, compliance and monitoring support, information management, and systems engineering and integration. 

The OFDA Response Management Team (RMT) requires the services of an Administrative Coordinator (AC) to provide administrative support to OFDA’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) in the field and to the RMT in Washington for a period of 12 months.  The AC manages and supports the RMT's administrative activities. The AC, under the direction of the Deputy Manager for Operations (DMO), provides technical guidance to RMT and DART members regarding staffing, contracting, travel, and fiscal requirements and procedures. The AC handles the travel logistics and other administrative needs of both the RMT and DART personnel, including transportation arrangements, country clearances, security clearances, visas, badges and passes, etc. for assigned personnel.  S/he regularly updates the RMT with OFDA and other USG agency funding obligations.  The AC may supervise support staff, including an Administrative Officer (AO) and a Travel Officer (TO), as needed.
Essential Functions:
  • Coordinate with and report to the Deputy Manager for Operations (DMO);
  • Coordinate and consult with the Overseas Admin Team (OAT);
  • Manage security clearance, country clearance, visas, travel authorization, transportation, lodging, and communications equipment for DART staff; 
  • Coordinate all travel with the OFDA Travel specialists;
  • Maintain current information on international travel plans for staff joining the DART; 
  • Request, establish, and track administrative support funds for DART operations, including petty cash and transmission of fund cite cables; 
  • Enter financial data into OFDA specific financial management system (Abacus) in a timely manner to ensure data integrity in reporting and program management; 
  • Assist the DART as needed with obtaining office facilities, services and supplies, including office automation and communications equipment; 
  • Arrange for the transport of DART Field Wear to the DART, as needed; 
  • Work with the other RMT and DART staff to track RMT and DART expenditures in other USG financial management systems (i.e. Arriba, GLAAS and Phoenix); 
  • Establish and maintain procedures for time and attendance, payroll, parking, the RMT shuttle, and other RMT administrative requirements; 
  • Prepare the necessary action memos for compensatory time and 6th/7th day work week authorizations;
  • Ensure that all support staff have adequate security clearance for the job they are performing; 
  • Provide support if needed to the Communications and Records Coordinator (CRC) in obtaining and processing requests from RMT Managers and Coordinators for visitor passes; 
  • Delegate specific responsibilities to the Administrative Officer (AO) and Travel Officer (TO), when staff is assigned, and provide supervision to these positions; and
  • If needed, perform responsibilities related to RMT transition or demobilization.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 2 years’ experience in an office environment including internships.  
Skills: The candidate should have an advanced understanding of USAID administrative rules, policies and regulations as well as an understanding of USG contracting and procurement processes. The candidate must have an understanding of the various hiring mechanism within USAID and their effects on pay, travel, and other compensation as well as experience with USG, USAID's and/or OFDA’s monitoring/financial systems.  U.S. Citizenship is required; selected candidate must be able to qualify for a government sponsored security clearance.

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