Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Policy Officer Traineeship with Green Budget Europe

Position description

Starting in mid-Sept for 6 months in Brussels.
Green Budget Europe (GBE) focuses on reducing environmentally harmful subsidies and labour taxes while increasing taxes on pollution and on non-renewable resources – and doing so in a socially equitable way. Behind our work is the realisation that charging a price for costs associated with production and consumption can help protect climate and environment.
GBE brings together representatives of business, international organisations, ministries, NGOs, political decision-makers, the research community and civil society at EU level in individual European states, and internationally. By implementing environmental fiscal reform (EFR), countries can:
  • Cut pollution;
  • Conserve scarce resources; and
  • Enhance social equity through a careful and considered approach to reform.
Our activities include:
  • Organising and participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and parliamentary hear-ings to foster dialogue and deliver progress on EFR;
  • Conducting and disseminating research and best practice on EFR to key stakeholders, our networks, and the wider public;
  • One-to-one meetings with political decision-makers and others influential in policy-making to put forward our arguments and propose implementation strategies;
  • Communicating information directly through our own media (newsletter, Twitter etc.), and
  • Responding to and commenting on on-going political processes, and highlighting potential windows of opportunity for EFR in the wider media.
Your role
The successful applicant for the Policy Officer traineeship will support GBE in its activities, including:
  • Research on market-based instruments for the environment, the European Semester process and other topics relevant for the work of GBE;
  • Support the Vice Director to aid the delivery of key messages and maximise the impact of GBE’s work;
  • Organisational and administrative support for organising stakeholder events and expert workshops;
  • Organisational and administrative support for running the Green Budget Europe network;
  • Support for the implementation of advocacy activities on EU and Member State level;
  • Event management;
  • Support (e.g. content preparation) for our media, partners and wider network.


  • University studies in economics, political science or environmental sciences;
  • Knowledge of current economic and environmental policy;
  • Basic knowledge of the European Union and its institutional structure;
  • Excellent English, dynamic communication skills and the ability to convey complex messages in a simple and engaging way;
  • Knowledge of the rationale behind transitioning to a green economy, the fiscal measures to achieve this, and a keen ambition to persuade policy-makers to adopt them;
  • An understanding of the process known as the European Semester and EU governance structures linked to the Semester;
  • Experience in the use of relevant computer programs and internet research;
  • Organisational talent with the ability to work comfortably both in a team and independently.