Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Research Assistant/Behavioral Health Position for Recent Grad

The US Health Division has helped shape healthcare policies that have benefited millions of Americans, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of many government programs.  Federal government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and National Institutes of Health call on us to help launch and evaluate their key programs.  We also help change behaviors affecting health by directing communication programs that address substance abuse and mental health services.

Job Summary
Assists experienced professionals in a variety of research and analysis tasks by collecting, compiling and checking data using standard practices and techniques in the field(s) of specialization. Under close supervision, may perform computer modeling, simulation or simple forecasting using standard software packages. Learns to apply specialized quantitative and/or qualitative analysis techniques and methods. Works on assignments that are simple to moderately complex under close supervision, implementing standard policies and procedures.

Key Responsibilities

1. Applies general knowledge of principles and concepts in the field(s) of specialization. Learns and applies standard quantitative and/or qualitative methods and techniques. Learns methods, procedures and systems to manage research data and carry out tasks related to discrete segments of the overall project. Receives training from more experienced staff. Reviews work product to ensure quality and consistency with standards, procedures and protocols.
2. May participate in discrete portions of the contract proposal process under close supervision, compiling data backup materials and portions of the final document.
3. Reviews professional journals and publications to extract and summarize information relevant to assigned research projects. Uses or learns to use internet-based search techniques to expand informational resources and available research tools. Summarizes findings for review by fellow staff members.
4. May monitor and verify budgetary and cost data related to on-going projects. Reports on variances and deviations. Coordinates information for review by more senior staff to ensure adherence to schedules, plans and budgets. Exercises initiative to refer questions and inconsistencies to more senior staff and implements corrections as assigned.
5. Provides administrative support, as required, to support the project team. This may include assisting in the coordination of presentations, meetings and conferences. Applying common knowledge of business needs, exercises judgment and discretion to ensure the availability of resources, proper sequencing of events and activities, etc.
6. Under close supervision, may collaborate with clients by telephone or in person to solicit or collect information related to on-going or proposed projects. May also implement clearly defined procedures for data collection, manipulation and preliminary analysis.
7. Applies knowledge of computer-based word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and database applications. As required by business area, may learn and apply basic statistical programming applications such as SAS, SPSS or other specialized applications. May validate data or perform simple statistical modeling and forecasting.
8. Keeps abreast of trends and developments in the proposed field(s) of specialization. May attend formal training to enhance technical system application skills or quantitative/qualitative analysis skills.
9. May accompany more senior staff to professional association meetings, recruitment gatherings and in-house events.

Other Prerequisites
This is an entry-level position requiring quantitative, writing and/or research competencies and skills, organization skills and attention to detail a must! Strong academic record required.

Minimum Qualifications
0 – 1 years of experience with bachelor degree OR the equivalent combination of education and experience. In cases of internal promotion, an exception may be made to the minimum requirements based on company needs and the proven ability of the incumbent to perform the key roles and responsibilities of this position.

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