Thursday, August 13, 2015

Participate in Paid fMRI Study on Meditation and Cognition

In one 3-hour session at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center, you will complete tasks while undergoing MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and eyetracking to examine the attention-related cognitive and neural systems that support language processing after meditating for the first time. If you are eligible and complete the MRI session, you will earn $20 per hour!
Click the link below for more information and to fill out a brief questionnaire:

Researchers will determine your eligibility according to these and other criteria to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to participate in this MRI study. You must be 18-40 years of age, a native English speaker, and right-handed. You must *not* have any known neurological or psychiatric condition or learning disability, prior meditation experience, practice techniques designed to improve cognitive or attentional functioning, glasses, ferrous metal in the body, or be pregnant.


For more information, contact:
Stefanie Kuchinsky