Thursday, September 24, 2015

Study Politics in Argentina (Where it will be Summer) this Winter!

This winter, study local politics in Latin America from within. The political landscape of Latin America has changed dramatically in the last twenty five years, as most authoritarian regimes in the region gave way to democratic ones. In these democratic environments, political conflicts have increasingly emerged between national and local political institutions. In this course you will explore the tensions between federal and local politics in the third largest federal country of Latin America: Argentina. The seminar will combine class lectures, cultural immersion, and considerable on-the-ground interaction with scholars, activists, and politicians in the Pampas and Patagonia.

This program will take place in several cities of Argentina, including Buenos Aires, Neuquen, and San Carlos de Bariloche.

The program will be directed by Dr. Ernesto Calvo, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Government and Politics, a native of Buenos Aires. Highlights of the program:

  • Close interaction with Argentine local, provincial, and national decision-makers
  • Guest lectures by leading Argentine scholars
  • Opportunity to develop Spanish language skills and vocabulary important to social sciences
  • Hiking in the Argentine Andean region

The application deadline is October 1To learn more and apply, click

After you commit to the program, Education Abroad will enroll you in one of the following three (3) credit UMD courses:

  • GVPT358K Study Abroad Seminar in Political Science: From the Pampas to the Andes: Political Culture and Local Politics in Argentina
  • LASC369K Special Topics in Study Abroad III: From the Pampas to the Andes: Political Culture and Local Politics in Argentina
The credit you earn during this program will count as resident credit.