Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Campus Legal Internship and Student Defender Program

Student interns in the Undergraduate Legal Aid Office spend one semester assisting with client intake for students seeking legal help. Interns can then apply to work the following semester as paid Student Defenders, who assist students facing University Charges.

Many interns and Student Defenders are interested in pursuing a legal career. In recent years, students have gone on to attend law school at elite institutions such as Harvard, Duke, University of Virginia and Georgetown.

The Undergraduate Legal Aid Office internship program allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience while earning 3 hours of academic credit. The office selects 8 students per semester. Interns work approximately 6 hours per week and attend an academic session once every other week.
During office hours, interns perform in-take interviews with clients, maintain all administrative records and correspondence, and consult with the attorney. Classroom assignments complement the office learning experience.

To apply, students must have at least 56 credits by the start of the internship and a 3.0 cumulative GPA is recommended.


At the end of the semester, interns are afforded the opportunity to apply to the Student Defender Program. Both the internship and Student Defender Program provide an excellent opportunity for students considering a law-related career, or any student who hopes to develop writing and interpersonal skills while helping their peers.
 Student Defenders are paid employees of the office.