Monday, October 19, 2015

Paid Summer 2016 Pathways Internship with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): Office of Research

About The Office of Research (OR):

The Office of Research (OR) in the Research, Markets, and Regulations Division (RMR) is realizing the CFPB’s mission by bringing an empirical, data-driven approach to the analysis of consumer financial markets. OR provides the main analytics to understand consumer behavior and support the Bureau’s actions in policy-making, supervision, and enforcement.

The Pathways Internship Program is a Summer 2016 internship for current (students have to be enrolled at the time they apply, they have to be enrolled in the term just before the start of the internship, and they have to be enrolled in the term following the internship) undergraduate and graduate students. Interns work directly with a seasoned member of our team to assist in a variety of policy and research projects. We provide the on-the-job training needed to be successful and assign interns to one project to be completed in the twelve week program. Interns build strong relationships with our staff, and can segue into Research Assistant positions in the future.

How to apply to the Pathways Internship:

Visit our website:

October 19, 2015: general posting for all CFPB divisions, specify the Office of Research (Research Markets and Regulations, Office of Research) in the application
Components of the application include:

  • Resume (required)
  • School transcripts program showing current enrollment (required)
  • Proof of enrollment (required for graduate students who may not actively be taking classes)
  • Short questionnaire (required – administered on the application website)
  • Cover letter (strongly recommended)

Internships are open only to current students. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.