Monday, October 26, 2015

Spring 2016 Internship, U.S. Department of Justice Consumer Protection Branch

The Consumer Protection Branch (CPB) leads the Justice Department’s efforts to enforce consumer protection statutes throughout the United States. These laws protect consumers from deceptive, unfair, or fraudulent practices, and provide for both civil and criminal penalties. CPB also defends the Government in suits that challenge the policies of consumer protection agencies. 

We offer a few unpaid/volunteer internships for undergraduate students.
The responsibilities of a new intern include a wide range of duties in support of our Branch’s attorneys and paralegals. Some projects include conducting factual research for the Branch’s cases, reviewing documents to identify evidence of fraudulent activity or victims of fraud, and summarizing transcripts and other court records.

In addition, the Branch's attorneys give weekly brown bag lunch presentations to the interns about particular cases or investigations. When the Supreme Court is in session, reserved seating may be obtained for each intern (subject to availability) to observe an entire argument. Interns are also encouraged to attend scheduled seminars, tours, and lectures, as space allows, that provide them with a broad overview of the legal system. 

Interns are exposed to a variety of office procedures, case investigative techniques, and agency interrelationships. As such, interns who work at CPB can expect to have an experience that is both productive and educational.

We prefer candidates who can work part-time in the spring (3-4 days per week preferred). We have no objection to candidates seeking school credit for this internship. We seek students who have demonstrated academic success (GPA of 3.3 or higher). Although we will consider students with lower GPAs, especially if they show a strong stated interest in our office.

LENGTH OF INTERNSHIP: Approximately 14 weeks 

BACKGROUND CHECK: Criminal background check, U.S. citizenship 


Learn more about the opportunity and how to apply at Careers4Terps