Sunday, February 7, 2016

Apply Now to Study Geographical Impacts of Urbanization in China This Summer!

Learn about the interaction of physical and cultural landscapes and human activity as you explore Beijing and Shanghai, two megacities in China. This program is collaboration between UMD and Beijing Normal University, and gives you an exciting opportunity to engage in field research with Chinese students as you jointly explore topics of urbanization. You will collect data and analyze your findings through computerized mapping systems and other geo-science technology. Through lectures and hands-on field work, you will learn from professionals in the field of geographical sciences and expand your skill set. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Chinese culture through the eyes of an urban planner and geographer as you observe, interact, and analyze aspects of culture and place.
June 11 to July 4

3 credits


Program cost $2,620 
Apply early! Scholarships available!