Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Summer Internships with the Millennium Challenge Corporation

The MCC Student Volunteer Internship Program is recruiting for its  Summer 2016 session.  Internships are provided for students with a desire to work in the international development field and/or public sector and assignments are designed to complement the intern's educational pursuits while meeting the expressed needs of the agency and individual MCC departments. Internships may start in June 2016, ending in August 2016. 

DEPARTMENT OF COMPACT OPERATIONS:  This Summer Year there are internship opportunities with the regional divisions focused on Europe, Asia, Pacific and Latin America, Agriculture and Land, the Social and Gender Assessment, Financial Services, and Sector Ops Teams 

The intern will work with the DCO Office of the Vice President on a variety of projects related to the office's portfolio management and personnel management responsibilities. The intern's work could include supporting completion and distribution of revised program guidelines, assisting in developing reports on program status, supporting the Vice President's team in addressing department employee needs and tracking department's performance on team, division, department, and agency goals.

The intern will work with the DCO Office of the Vice President on a variety of projects related to the office's portfolio management responsibilities. This work likely will include assisting the Vice President's team in updating department and agency guidance on program development, implementation, and closeout; monitoring adherence to such guidelines; assisting in developing reports on program status and compliance; and assisting in preparing materials needed by MCC country teams to enhance the effectiveness of their program development, implementation, and closeout work.

SECTOR OPS INTERN: Work with DVP and MDon ways to improve the efficiency of contract support operations for the entire department;   Learn from DCO Contract Support different mechanisms required to support DCO's work and make recommendations for how to introduce efficiency by streamlining contract vehicles;  Conduct literature reviews on topics related to Sector Ops work.

PROCUREMENT INTERN: Set up Procurement Monitoring and tracking indicators; Review other donors'website on their tracking indicators;  Review our data on what we can do;  Identify gaps and measures to fill the gaps;  Develop indicators that can be publically shared.

EHCD INTERN:  Help organize HCD capstone events with IREX and CHARGE; Conduct research on WEAI survey methodology (women empowerment in ag index – food/nutrition);  Review studies thatdemonstrate the benefit of stakeholder engagement;  Review latest research on impact of behavior change related to nutrition and WASH programming;  Research recent studieon testing, teacher evaluations, O&M (El Salvador 2)

FIT/HCD INTERN:  Assist the Finance and International Trade (FIT) and the Human and Community Development (HCD) Practice Units to Develop list of potential private sector partners, investors/collaborators for outreach by MCC and MCAs within HCD projects; Review existing partnership to identify best practices and lessons learned from collaborative work between private sector  and HCD sector (donors, education institutions, other public sector actors) entities; Support FIT and HCD Practice Units on tasks related to human capital investments and implementation HCD Private Sector Strategy.

WATER INTERN:  Help advance the learning agenda within the Infrastructure-Environment-Private Sector Group.  The broad research areas include:  Facility Modeling - using mathematical models to optimize the location of facilities (public water points, libraries, clinics, schools, and other public facilities); Pro-poor Utility Tariff Design; System Dynamic Modeling; Cost analysis and benchmarking.

ESA INTERN:  Assist with program analysis and knowledge management on MCC related investments, best practices and lessons learned.  Examples of projects include:  Assisting with research and data analyses in the areas of project design and framework monitoring; documenting best practices on environment and social assessment methods including International Finance Corporation Performance Standards; Supporting socio-economic and environmental impact assessments related compact development and implementation.

SGA INTERN:  Work with Social and Gender Assessment staff on the integration of social inclusion and gender in economic development projects, primarily in the energy/power sector, water and sanitation, etc.; Conduct literature reviews on gender and social inclusion and its relevance to economic growth and poverty reduction; Assist with developing approaches to integration of gender and social inclusion in project logics;  Assist with organizing conferences on gender mainstreaming or gender/social inclusion and energy
For all above positions graduate students in good academic standing with a demonstrated interest and background in the issues identified are preferred. Experience working in a developing country is preferred.  However well qualified undergraduate students will be considered. 

Apply here by February 26.