Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Al Jazeera English Fault Lines Internship

Al Jazeera English is part of the Al Jazeera Network - one of the world’s leading media corporations, encompassing news, documentary and sport channels.
Job Description   Length : up to 12 weeks   Location: Washington DC
*Must work 20hrs (min) – 35hrs (max) hours a week
Description of Fault Lines Internship:
The goal of this internship is to leave you with a solid concept of what it takes to produce a 25 minute documentary. As a member of our team, you will play an essential role in our film production process. You will be required to pitch story ideas, conduct research, work with producers to set up shoots, and help shape thoughtful and compelling documentaries.  
Successful applicants have strong knowledge of investigative journalism, including research and interview skills. Fluency in a second language, particularly Spanish, is a plus but not required.   
Al Jazeera is seeking focused, self-motivated individuals with demonstrated knowledge of journalistic practice, social media, and geo-political issues. Successful candidates come from various academic backgrounds including:
  • Journalism, documentary film, media studies, communications 
  • International affairs, political science, etc. 
  • Various area-studies programs that match

Successful candidates possess the following characteristics (these may vary slightly between programs): 
  • Pursuant of a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a related discipline or within a month of completion 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in journalistic research and reporting 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of international affairs 
  • Demonstrated interest in investigative journalism 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Ability to work independently and on deadline 
  • Proficiency in social media and ability to write for the web

Additional skills are highly valued, but not necessary (again, may vary): 
  • Familiarity with documentary filmmaking techniques and technology 
  • Foreign language proficiency 
  • Specialized knowledge of a particular region or country 
  • Experience with non-linear editing programs (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere) 
  • Graphic Design experience (Adobe Creative Suite)

Additional Information
How to Apply:
To apply to the Al Jazeera English Programming Internship email the following with the subject reading: “YOUR NAME – INTERNSHIP PERIOD”
In your email clearly state the information outlined here.
Fault Lines travels to key political states where the fight against for-profit immigration detention centers is at its strongest: Florida, a state with ambitious prison privatization plans, where local communities are fighting against a proposed CCA immigration detention facility and Texas, home to the largest number of immigration detainees. We expose the companies at the heart of the industry and lay bare their connection to the legislation that is being passed.