Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Academic Program Coordinator Position with SAIS for Recent Grad

Position description

Provide programmatic support for SAIS Korea Studies Program, Korean Language Program, and the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS. Manage USKI Visiting Scholar and Internship Programs. Develop and oversee special projects/programs for U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS.

Key Responsibilities: 
Korea Studies Program Support (30%): 
  • Serve as the main point of contact for SAIS/JHU academic departments (admissions, international student affairs, financial aid, academic affairs, etc.) for all logistical matters pertaining to SAIS Korea Studies Program, including course syllabi and scheduling, USKI fellowships, etc.
  • Offer program support to the Korea Studies (Acting) Director in terms of coordinating course scheduling, collecting evaluations, coordinating with SAIS library, monitoring student progress, etc.
  • Maintain Korea Studies website on both SAIS and USKI websites and social media, manage communications of Korea Studies programs and events for internal and external audiences.
  • Facilitate Korea Studies admissions review, fellowship programs, and recruiting activities.
  • Work with Korea Studies faculty to monitor student performance, helping answer questions related to academic requirements/classes/schedules/programming, as well as fielding questions from prospective students.
  • Work closely with Korea Studies faculty to plan a repertoire of events and activities geared towards supplementing the Korea Studies curriculum. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly Korea Studies luncheons for Korea Studies students, regular brown bag luncheons open SAIS-wide, and other events related to the program.
  • Assist in planning of Korea Studies class trip (if necessary) to help facilitate booking of flights and accommodations, ground transportation and meeting setting as needed.
  • Manage the publication process of the SAIS US-Korea Yearbook, working closely with Korea Studies faculty to ensure paper content quality, facilitating the editing process, overseeing the design and printing processes, and promoting the publication via USKI website and social media platforms.

USKI Project Management (30%) 
  • Assist with USKI event/program planning and management, including program design, room reservations and set up, speaker recruitment, logistics, budget management and documentation, staffing and promotion.
  • Manage recruitment and oversight of student research assistants.
  • Manage USKI Internship Program including recruiting, orientation and supervision of all interns, working closely with USKI staff and scholars to gauge research needs and monitoring the progress and performance of all interns.
  • Also, developing programming for USKI interns that helps provide professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Visiting Scholar Program Management (20%) 
  • Oversee the Visiting Scholars program, working with the various departments to ensure international Visiting Scholars receive the proper visas and documentation, and providing support to them once they arrive to help navigate SAIS/JHU administrative systems, enroll in classes, conduct research, acclimate to Washington area, and overall maximize their time in the US.
  • Work with the scholars to provide interesting programming, including lectures and roundtable discussions, as well as arrange for them to have various levels of interaction with SAIS students through language exchanges, research assistants, and student lectures.
  • Plan and execute study trip for the Visiting Scholars to expose them to American culture, history and politics.

Administrative Support (20%) 
  • Prepare and process contracts and invoices, reimbursements and other accounting functions as needed on a backup administrative basis.
  • Help develop grant proposals and grant reports for both government and private grants, from both domestic and international sources.
  • Provide bilingual support with Korean partners and stakeholders, including translation/interpretation, emails and newsletters and other types of internal and external communications as needed.


High School Diploma required. Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, History, Asian Studies or relevant field, desired. Three years of administrative/academic related experience required; one to two years experience with event and/or project management preferred. Additional education may substitute for required experience and additional related experience may substitute for required education, to the extent permitted by the JHU equivalency formula. JHU Equivalency Formula: 30 undergraduate degree credits (semester hours) or 18 graduate degree credits may substitute for one year of experience.
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