Friday, June 10, 2016

Library Associate Position, Global Resources Center George Washington University for Recent Grad

The Global Resources Center (GRC) supports internationally focused programs and courses throughout the University with a particular emphasis on Asia; Middle East and North Africa; and Russia, Eurasia, Eastern and Central Europe. The GRC works collaboratively with faculty and students from programs, departments and schools across the University including Political Science, History, International Affairs, Economics, Comparative Politics, Policy studies, Public Diplomacy, Global Communication, International Business, Cold War studies, Geography, Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, Russian/Eurasian Studies, Central Asia, Islamic Studies, International Education and Media and Public Affairs to build collections and research support services that directly support teaching and research in these areas.
The GRC Library Associate, will coordinate the daily operations of the GRC, train and oversee the work of wage-hour, student and project employees. The Library Associate is the first point of contact for patrons visiting the GRC, provides reference and research assistance along with guidance in using print and electronic/digital content and supporting technology and referral to subject experts as appropriate. The Library Associate participates in planning and conducting instruction and orientation sessions for classes and student groups; contributes to the development of research guides; assists in planning and takes the lead in providing outreach for selected GRC outreach activities and events; and, manages the GRCs web and social media presence.
The GRC Library Associate develops, recommends, and implements internal operational policies; acts as the GRC daily operations liaison to related departments within the GW Libraries and to external providers and other organizations or individuals with whom the GRC interacts, coordinates support to GRC librarians, and assumes oversight responsibility for ongoing work including content management and coordinating the flow of work from the GRC to units within the library. Maintains the GRC procedures wiki and serves as a primary source of information regarding established policies and procedures. Supports librarians in content acquisition and invoicing.
GRC collections are primarily in the non-Roman script languages of their country of origin and English. Performs other related duties as assigned. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.


Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization. Degree requirements may be substituted with an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Graduate level coursework focusing on an area relating to international relations, global studies, or country/area/regional studies. 
2. Experience overseeing public service operations
3. Foreign-language proficiency related to the Global Resources Center’s (GRC) area of focus (Slavic, East Asian or Middle East languages)
4. Interest in or experience with developing group instruction or orientation sessions
5. Project management experience
6. Experience supervising
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