Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fall Human Resources Internship with the U.S. International Trade Commission

Closes Friday 7/15/2016Salary Range: $43,057.00 to $55,970.00 / Per YearSeries & Grade: GS-0299-07/07
As a Student Intern under the Pathways Program, you will be gaining knowledge and performing assignments in the core principles and practices of civilian, human resource management work, as it is accomplished in the Executive Branch of the Federal government.  Assignments and study may include all or some of the human resource activity conducted by the organization, including recruitment, staffing, position classification, personnel action processing, records administration, report preparation, salary setting, training, employment development, employee relations, and related functions.
You will work along-side Human Resource Management Specialists and Human Resource Assistants, assisting the organization in the accomplishment of its mission.   At the grade 5 level, your assignments will be more repetitive in nature, and you can expect specific directions, examples to follow, and a full review of your work.  At the grade 7 level, your assignments may start with specific instructions and examples, but as you progress in your knowledge, you will be working independently, with your work checked upon completion.  
Due to the anticipation of high applicant levels, we are establishing cut off dates for receipt of applications prior to the final closing date of this announcement.  On the first day that we receive 25 applications, we will cut off applications as of 11:59 p.m. EST.  The second cut of will be two days after the first cut off.  Third cut off will be two days after the second cut off, and the final will be the closing date of the announcement.  Receipt of qualified applicants during the initial cut offs may result in this announcement closing prior to the closing date listed above. 


As a Human Resource Specialist Student Trainee, you will be performing the following day-to-day functions in our operating Human Resource Management Office:
  • Processing personnel actions, such as promotions, within-grade increases, changes to service computation dates, benefits, etc., by manually coding actions prior to being processed in an automated system.  
  • Assisting in the preparation of vacancy announcements, utilizing an automated staffing system. Researching past practices and drafting portions of job announcements based on standard templates. Assembles pre-approved assessment questions in standard formats for use by senior specialists. Assisting the staff in the processing of recruitment actions by maintaining logs, developing case files, and assembling background information. 
  • Assembling and sending documents for offer letters and preparing orientation packages for new employees.  
  • Responding to requests for information on program activities from agency staff, counterparts in other Federal agencies,and the general public seeking employment opportunities with the Commission, utilizing standard operating procedures and practices.
  • Preparing entry level position descriptions and/or performance standards referring to standardized formats. Maintaining position description libraries, reconciling records.
  • Receiving visitors and agency employees seeking business with the organization. Determines nature of inquiry, responds as appropriate, or directs to staff members. Refers individuals who are not satisfied with customer service, or who have complex questions, to senior staff members.
  • Assisting with a variety of administrative activities, such as reconciliation of bills associated with office expenditures, preparation of time and attendance records, maintenance of tracking logs, etc.
  • Conducting research and analysis of applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures for assigned activities, as identified by staff members.  

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