Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Policy Internship with FiscalNote

We are looking for a Policy Intern intrigued by government, but just as interested in technology’s ability to shine light and provide visibility into how it functions. Our Policy Intern will leverage his or her understanding of legislative and regulatory governance to audit and provide feedback on the technical implementation and visualization of our legislative and regulatory mappings. S/he will conduct extensive policy research on a wide variety of topics, and will leverage the power of our data science team to author both short- and long-form pieces for publication across multiple channels.

** Both part-time and full-time paid internships are available for the fall

You Will
- Assist marketing in content creation and review; particularly in publishing policy-related thought leadership
- Research different policy topics and provide insights for multiple departments at FiscalNote
- Help in the maintenance of current products and the creation of future products
- Perform quality assurance for FiscalNote products, such as updating legislative and regulatory action mappings
- Participate in Business Development and Client Success meetings
- Create internal materials about policy issues and communicate them to the team
- Be the owner of multiple policy-related initiatives

You Are
Diligent. Thoughtful. Detail-oriented. Innovative. You understand that the keys to the legal information castle have long been held by those with access to large legal teams and an in-depth understanding of the nuances of law -- and you yearn to leverage technology to provide wider and more rapid access to that information. A self starter, you are always able to understand the bigger picture, as well as the role you can play in impacting it. Written communication is your forte, and you relish the opportunity to pen in-depth policy dives for FiscalNote publications.

You Have
- A degree in law, public policy, or related undergraduate field (or are currently pursuing one)
- An obsession with the legislative and/or regulatory process -- previous experience in government is preferred
- Experience working in public policy (think tanks, law firms, trade associations, etc.)
- High level of detail-orientedness
- Strong research and communication skills
- Desire to learn more about the policy world
- Willingness to perform any task that helps the company to succeed
- Dedication to continuous learning and improvement

About Policy at FiscalNote
The Policy team functions as the ultimate internal consultant and informs every FiscalNote function: data science, business development, and marketing, to name a few. Leveraging expertise in legislation, regulation, and case law, members of the Policy team provide guidance on the development and maintenance of current and future FiscalNote products. Penning their vast knowledge to the proverbial paper, our Policy team members contribute towards industry specific content and educational materials, informing internal and external audiences about issues we are uniquely able to address due to FiscalNote's position at the intersection of technology and policy.

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